Most people don't recognise a great sounding sound system. But they really notice a bad one! This is why I use the latest top quality RCF active speakers. They provide high quality sound but are small and compact. For larger venues, bass bins are used to enhance the sound. Being the resident DJ at the Olde Plough House in Bulphan, I have installed additional speakers into the Monks Barn to provide a better, more surround sound.

Long gone are the days of vinyl jumping around. CD's and MP3's are the DJ's most popular choice of system. Solar discos uses both a CD and MP3 system. To play the CD's I use Numark CD players( CDN88 and CDN22). MP3's are played via my laptop using PCDJ software and controller. These ensure there are no lapses in the continuation of the music all night. There is nothing worse than a stuck CD, especially when you haven't got another one cued up ready to go! I have a selection of microphones including a radio mic which can be used for speeches, if required. Most importantly, I carry at least 2 of everything so if the worst was to happen, it won't affect the whole evening.

I always like to put on a show! With DMX controlled lights, the latest LED panels, green lasers, LED starcloth and UV lighting, your venue is filled with an array of colours. Our haze machines (like smoke machine without the smoke) make the whole effect absolutely stunning. For children young and old, we have a bubble machine that they can never get enough of. I also have LED lighting permanently installed into the monks barn for our exclusive use.


Over the years I have amassed a large and varied selection of music. Unless specified, I play a variety of styles from all decades that are proven favourites and most people know. The aim is to cater for everybody and nobody feels left out. I play the songs that are most likely to fill the dancefloor. I use my experience to read the crowd and play what would probably work best. I also welcome the customer to send me a list of songs, or a style of music, which they would like included. On the night I also welcome requests from your guests and, if suitable, play them.





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